The Philosophy of Passages Outpatient Care

Passages is a non-twelve-step program with a focus on customized one-on-one therapy sessions. Traditional forms of cognitive behavioral therapy and counseling are interspersed with evidence-driven holistic modalities such yoga, meditation, massage, acupuncture, hypnotherapy and more. This multi-faceted approach does more than just detox – it mends the mind, body and spirit.

Every Monday through Friday, all outpatient clients receive an easy-to-follow schedule outlining the time, meeting place, and the title of the addiction specialist they’ll be working with. It is up to the client to adhere to this daily schedule and abstain from temptation between sessions. By following the schedule and sticking with a healthy routine, every day becomes another successful step in the healing process.

Although there is a limited amount of group participation, Passages outpatient rehab does not follow a generic twelve-step template. We do not force our clients to adopt a mentality of weakness and pledge themselves to a higher power. Instead, we empower them as individuals to change on their own accord. At Passages, no client is an “addict” with a “disease”; all of them are fully valued as individuals.

Our outpatient centers offer the perfect way for clients to reclaim their independence from drugs and alcohol without impeding on their careers and family situations. If you or someone you know has a drug and alcohol addiction that is negatively impacting life in general, then please call Passages today.

What Causes an Addiction to Drugs and Alcohol?

A large part of our job at Passages is to help clients better understand themselves and the psychological reasons behind addiction. There is no doubt that addiction is very much psychological as well as physical. With this in mind, all chemical addictions can be traced back to four underlying causes.

The four underlying causes for addiction are: