Passages Luxury Outpatient Rehab Center Locations

Passages is a world-class assortment of inpatient and outpatient luxury rehab facilities located throughout California. Each of our three outpatient rehabilitation centers follow the same revolutionary strategies first demonstrated by Passages Malibu, our premiere inpatient rehab in Southern California (voted #1 by Healthcare Global, praised by Forbes Magazine, and amongst an elite 6% of national rehabilitation centers to be accredited by the distinguished Joint Commission).

Unlike Passages Malibu, however, our outpatient centers give clients the chance to complete a customized treatment program without lengthy residential stays. Passages proudly offers three different luxury outpatient rehab centers to choose from:

  • Ventura – Located less than 1 miles north of the Hueneme Beach Park is Passages Ventura. This luxury outpatient center offers a wide variety of treatments including psychotherapy, chemical dependency counseling, hypnotherapy, anger management, and even partial-hospitalization recovery options if necessary. Clients can expect up to 3 hours of a treatment a day, 5 days a week. Counselors, physicians, therapists and other specialists are available.
  • Venice – About a half-mile northeast of Venice Beach is Passages Venice, an exclusive outpatient program with nurses, medical doctors, therapists, counselors, psychologists, and even acupuncturists and massage therapists. This luxury outpatient facility combines group sessions with one-on-one therapy to help clients better understand why they are using substances and how a Treatment Program can help them sustain their sobriety.
  • Beverlywood – Just 10 miles west of downtown Los Angeles is Passages Beverlywood, a high-end outpatient rehabilitation facility centered in the beautiful shopper’s paradise of Beverly Hills. Passages Beverlywood provides clients with science-based natural therapies and a personalized team of addiction experts to develop a customized Treatment Program. As with all outpatient centers, one-on-one sessions with trained professionals are always favored over group therapy.


Get World-Class Outpatient Rehabilitation with Passages

Outpatient rehabilitation lets clients discreetly seek the help they need without having delay their careers, families and getting an education. Passages understands that addiction is but one facet in your busy life, which is why our outpatient facilities will work around your schedule to provide the right level of treatment.

When you are ready to end your drug and alcohol addiction without having to end (or further delay) other important aspects of your life, then please call our Admissions Department today. We can show you how many non-intrusive options are available for recovery with our outpatient programs. Contact us today to get the optimal amount of treatment with Passages outpatient centers.