About Passages

Chris Prentiss and his son Pax are the two co-founders of Passages, a revolutionary cluster of inpatient and outpatient facilities in California that have bestowed all-natural solutions to drug and alcohol addiction upon thousands since 2001. Passages has received worldwide acclaim and now proudly receives and assists clients from all over the world.

Be that as it may, Passages originated from humble and depressing origins. Pax was once abusing alcohol, cocaine and heroin for about ten years before seeking help. His need for money increased with his addiction, and soon he was doing whatever he could to fund his substance intake. Pax found himself in the hospital isolated from those closest to him when he finally pledged to stop.

With the help of his father, Pax enrolled himself into the most prestigious programs and clinics in the country. He followed the instructions of staffers and did not resist their wisdom. However, even though he was voluntarily going with the program, he was not feeling better or learning how to think for himself. If anything, it was just the opposite.

Pax was told that he was weak and helpless. He was told that he needed to turn to a higher power and that he was no use to himself and could not even trust himself without the help of others. These feelings of helplessness encourage Pax to stray from sobriety and alleviate his feelings of fear, guilt and depression.

Chris saw that his son was trying hard and getting nowhere with these programs, so he told Pax to take a break and regroup. Together, they began to research possibilities outside of 12-step programs and other clinics. It took a long time, but eventually they made a breakthrough.

Pax was able to use holistic techniques to empower himself. With this courage, he could reflect on his life and decisions from a place of control instead of fear. He was able to look deeply at his addiction and identify the underlying causes behind it. It was not easy, but it was possible – and it worked.

Through their combined efforts, Pax and his father were able to absolve Pax of over 10 years of drug and alcohol addiction. Their technique combines different approaches from all parts of the world and involved absolutely no chemical substances – placebo or otherwise. In other words, not only had Pax gotten sober on his own . . . he had done it organically.

This journey eventually led to the foundation of Passages. On the one-year anniversary of Pax’s sobriety, Passages was fully realized with its original luxury inpatient center, Passages Malibu. That was in 2001, and now, the organization has grown into numerous luxurious inpatient and outpatient facilities throughout the state, all working for a greater good and providing sobriety to the masses.

When you feel ready for an exclusive luxury rehab experience that’s unlike anything you’ve ever tried before – a place that restores your mind, body and spirit – then Passages is ready to help. Our inpatient and outpatient treatment centers offer a customized Treatment Program developed by a team of physicians, doctors, nurses, counselors, therapists and other addiction specialists with your best interest in mind, so call us today and learn more.