Passages Offers High-End California Outpatient Rehab

Reestablishing sobriety is an enriching experience with Passages, a revolutionary non-12-step holistic program originating in 2001 from California. Outpatient rehab at Passages integrates the best medical, therapeutic and counseling techniques with other advanced, science-based exercises to create a balanced Treatment Program for the mind, body and spirit.

No matter which of our three Southern California outpatient rehab centers you choose, you will receive the highest quality of California outpatient rehab possible at Passages. All of our luxury California outpatient rehab centers operate under the same award-winning principles of Passages Malibu, which was ranked #1 by Healthcare Global and named one of the top 10 “Most Luxurious” places for alcohol rehabilitation by Forbes Magazine.

What is California Outpatient Treatment with Passages?

With Passages, a full Treatment Team of physicians, doctors, nurses and other specialists will safely and professionally detoxify you while customizing a Treatment Program that’s been carefully adjusted to fit your needs. Best of all, you will still have enough time during the day to fulfill your various social and professional obligations. All you need to do is follow the agreed-upon schedule, show up to your one-on-one sessions and remain receptive to personal growth.

Whereas inpatient facilities require a lengthy residential stay, outpatient treatment affords more personal freedom. Most clients simply visit the luxury treatment facility every day for checkup and other treatments, and then they are free to go about the rest of the day as they please. Since clients are not receiving around-the-clock treatment, outpatient programs are generally less expensive.

What Can I Expect to Learn from Passages Outpatient Rehab?

Passages is focused on answering the deeper questions about drug and alcohol addiction. Our strategies are designed to deeply relax our clients so that they may approach their addiction from a place of tranquility and better understanding. Clients can expect to learn about the underlying causes behind their addiction and how to develop a different lifestyle with a much more rewarding purpose.


Who are Chris and Pax Prentiss?

Chris Prentiss and his son, Pax, are the two co-founders of Passages. With the help of his father, Pax was able to rid himself of a ten-year addiction to drugs and alcohol. The two of them have since incorporated a variety of holistic modalities into Passages which are quite similar to the practices that enabled Pax to heal himself and get to the underlying causes of his addiction.

Chris and Pax have established a trio of luxurious outpatient centers that are ready to get the root of your addiction and show you how to fully recover in mind, body and spirit.

Contact Passages for Luxury California Outpatient Rehabilitation

If you or someone you know has a problem with drugs and alcohol, call us or fill out this contact form to learn more about Passages and receive the help you need. Passages has an award-winning ideology that has helped thousands upon thousands rid themselves of drug and alcohol addiction all across the world, and we want you and those around you to find peace and harmony through our non-12-step program.